Digital Real Estate Types and Their Uses


You’ve probably heard of Digital Real Estate, but have you heard about the many different types of assets that make up this type of property? There are domains, upland, and somnium space, to name a few. This article will outline the four major types of Digital Real Estate and their respective uses. You can then consider incorporating them into your brokerage account. Regardless of which types of assets you own, remember that the learning curve is steep.


Buying domain names is one of the hottest investments in digital real estate, but the market is volatile, so most of these purchases won’t bring you any profits. One serial entrepreneur, however, bought a domain that already existed and displayed ads on it. Then, he made a killing off the ads by selling the domain for a hefty profit. If you’re thinking about buying domains, consider this advice: choose domain names with high potential. Also read


Digital real estate is booming, with its value being dependent on stability, revenue and desirability. This includes websites, smart phone applications, and online properties. The value of a domain name depends on whether it’s a popular name in an industry, or how well it’s developed. Some industries are more desirable than others, and many of these industries have lucrative websites. In addition, the real estate industry is dedicating more resources to digitalisation than ever before.

Non-Fungible Tokens

Non-fungible tokens are unique, digital assets used for virtual or physical properties. Tokenization can resolve concerns about fraud and ensure that an asset is owned only by its rightful owner. However, practical uses for non-fungible tokens in real estate come with additional complexities. The use of NFTs can be used for entire asset tokenization or fractional ownership tokenization. If you’re interested in learning more, here are three ways NFTs can help you invest in real estate.

Cryptocurrencies are not the only things changing in the digital world. The property industry is no exception. Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology are transforming markets, including real estate. These new technologies offer investors a host of opportunities that are unprecedented. Non-fungible tokens are one of the key components of this new ecosystem. The blockchain allows non-fungible tokens to serve a crucial purpose in the crypto world. Because they can represent a unique asset, they can be used to transact real estate.


Upland is a virtual land-based game similar to Monopoly. Users purchase virtual properties with real-life addresses, known as NFTs. Once purchased, they can sell them to other players or develop them by staking Spark. These properties can also house virtual businesses, and players can earn in-game currency by developing and flipping the properties. Several in-game currencies are available for purchase in Upland.

Upland also has its own currency, UPX. Uplanders can purchase properties and trade them using their UPX. As the UPX currency is minted on the EOS blockchain, Uplanders can collect earnings from these properties. Uplanders can still buy properties using their roaming avatar. However, developers plan to release more cities and U.S.-based NFTs in the future.

Somnium Space

Somnium Space is an online virtual environment where you can buy and rent digital real estate. You can purchase land parcels in the virtual world and then claim them in the real world. The value of a lot usually depends on the proximity to popular locations, its size and proximity to a central waypoint. To purchase land parcels, you need to use Metamask, a web3 wallet application. You can also view the properties in the virtual world by visiting the web map.


The Somnium Space ecosystem is made up of land parcels subdivided into 5206 land parcels. You can buy, sell, and trade these parcels on the Somnium Space marketplace. All transactions are recorded in the Ethereum blockchain. Buyers are presented with a blank canvas and can use a variety of tools to attract attention to their parcels and monetize them. Once you have purchased a land parcel, you can then use Somnium Space to sell it or rent it to other users.



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